Poland Chopin International Music Conservatory


Brief introduction


Poland International Chopin Conservatory of Music was founded in 2003, is Poland’s Chopin Cultural Exchange Foundation under a Foreign international teaching, research, training set is an integrated college. The main object is the admissions of students from various countries outside the EU, th qualified teachers in various disciplines have experts and professors Poland eight national Conservatory to teach musicians from around the world systematic scientific quality teaching training.


Open disciplines:

  1. Instrumental categories: violin, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, oboe, flute, bassoon, English horn, trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, percussion, guitar, saxophone.
  2. Vocal: bel canto, Polish national professional singing.
  3. Command theory and composition
  4. Music education


Polyphony, and acoustics, music aesthetics, philosophy, music analysis, art history: courses open Discipline school system: 3-year undergraduate, graduate 2 years, 3 years PhD, master classes, performers diploma two years. (According to the Polish national legislation on cultural management Education Law Treaty)

Application requirements – needed file:

  1. Application Form with color photographs min 236×295 pixels (px) – Maks 300×375 pixels (px) and without wearing glasses.
  2. Passport and ID card
  3. The relevant academic certificates and diploma (authorized translation)
  4. The registration fee already paid proof


Instrumental music classes, vocal class, directing music theory exam requirements and tracks every year according to the Polish Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

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